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Presently, he walks in public with a beautiful mystery woman.

This is a new addition to the relationship list of this rich businessman.

Russel Wendell Simmons, better known as Russell Simmons, is an American entrepreneur, producer, and author.

His taste in music rose after he attended Eddie Cheeba performing at which starred Eddie Murphy that earned 4 million at the box office.

He is a vegan and believes in the principle of Ahimsa and also an animal aright activist who supports which is an animal rights protection organization.

Russell has successfully accumulated an estimated net worth of 0 million from his career as an entrepreneur, producer, and author.

Kimora enrolled in college-level courses at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) when she moved in with Russell Simmons before they got married. Kimora hosted the music show One World Music Beat in 1998.

She graduated from Lutheran North High School in St Louis, Missouri with the help of an academic coach after which she immersed herself in the modeling profession full time.

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His critic has this opinion that when a newcomer wants to get media attention, then she will look towards him.

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