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Celine Dion always knew that she wanted two things out of life: to be a singing sensation and to be a mother.Making that first dream of hers come true didn't take too much, but making the second one happen was nothing if not hard work and sacrifice.Fraternal twins stem from two separate fertilized eggs and usually develop separate amniotic sacs and placentas.The fraternal twins who completed Celine and Rene's family were almost triplets!All of Celine's dreams were coming true, but she was still left wanting.Celine deeply wanted to give her boy a sibling, but that proved to be as challenging a road as any she has traveled.Celine became famous by singing in her parents piano she was 12 she gave a demo CD to Rene angelil (future husband and manger).Celine had to undergo a major physical transformation before becoming famous about 18 months later…

Celine, also born in 1968, is younger than Patrick by a hair.Celine was in her thirties when she tried to take motherhood on and was surprised that she could not naturally conceive a child.After years of trying to fall pregnant to no avail, Celine and her late husband Rene Angelil turned to the specialists for help.Celine Dion is a biological mom to her three rapidly growing sons, but she is also a step-mother to her late husband Rene's three children, one of whom is actually older than she is!Rene Charles had three children from previous relationships.

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