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In 1998, in an effort to make Front Page available for a larger group of users, Microsoft released a Mac version of the Front Page site builder.However, this version never received any of the future updates.

Frontpage's solution lay in its Frontpage server extensions, which were automatically-generated server-side scripts that allowed site creators to make pages that responded to user input.

To offer its clients the opportunity to take advantage of the Microsoft Front Page server extensions, all NTC Hosting web hosting plans offer full compatibility with the latest version (Linux-compatible) of Microsoft Front Page Extensions.

To benefit from using Microsoft Front Page Extensions, you only have to activate them for a specific host/website from the Front Page Extensions menu in the Web Hosting Control Panel and to set up a connection between your Microsoft Front Page and the server.

It was easy to use (especially with MS Office familiarity), it was collaborative—enabling multiple authors to contribute to a single website—and it enabled otherwise non-tech-savvy users to add a variety of dynamic elements, such as forms, polls, discussion boards, and guestbooks.

Of course, given Frontpage's popularity—and its ubiquitous though uninspiring themes—spotting a website made in Frontpage was laughably easy.

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