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Introduced the year after the infamous Union Typewriter Company trust was reorganized as Remington Typewriter Co., the Junior was actually manufactured at Smith-Premier's factory in Syracuse, NY.

In fact, the Junior shares many traits with the full-keyboard Smith-Premier No.10, and especially the Smith-Premier Simplex, a stripped-down No.10 that also debuted in 1914.

Although I have few of these to display, it would do well to serve up a quick overview of the early Remington models, to help put the ones that follow in context.

Much has been written on the history of the Remington; I will not attempt to repeat that, but will instead attempt to briefly summarize the differences in the various models.

The #1 Portable was the very first true portable typewriter in that it did not have to resort to tricks such as folding up or sacrificing a row of keys to reduce size.

One of the most innovative features is its "pop-up" typebars which are raised for use via a side lever and lay back flat for storage.

The advantage of this is that the carriage is incredibly easy to remove, requiring the removal of only two screws. Loosely similar in design to the No.2 and virtually identical to the No.3 save for a shorter carriage. This #7 was probably intended for the domestic German-speaking market.

During its first year of production, The #1 was made in limited quantities, and had to be special-ordered; it could not be purchased from a typewriter dealer until October, 1921.

Though the carriage and keyboard are the same as its predecessor, the frame has been lowered and elongated.

This model was a dratmatic departure from the No.1.

A complete rundown of the changes can be found on Richard Polt's in-depth overview of this model.

Not quite a Portable #1 and not quite a Portable #2, the Compact was a model for the European market.

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