Preprogrammed disposable cell phone dating service

Starting January 1st 2018, One Sim Card offers special new USA - SMS for Bank verifications PENs.

These USA and Canada PENs are capable of receiving SMS from most US and Canada financial institutions -most banks, Paypal, credit cards etc, as well as some apps like Uber ( but not from Whatsap).

They all use an Estonian Mobile Number as the primary number and offer a Free US or Canada PEN for 30 days.

All One Sim Cards also offer many additional features such as Global Concierge, 24/7 Live Technical Support, SIM VOIP and Apps for i Phone and Android.

A partial list of compatible cell phones that we have tested can be viewed here. numbers to the SIM, just set them to forward to the U. For example, if you work or live in the UK and want to keep receiving calls made to your regular UK numbers, just add a UK PEN to your SIM card and set up call forwarding to that new number.

All SMS text messages must be sent to your primary European number, except for USA, Canada and UK Mobile SMS Enabled PENs.

These numbers are also SIM VOIP capable and will work as a regular US PEN for incoming calls and SMS.

SMS received on such PENs can be configured so the copy of the text is always forwarded to an email of your choice.

US Customers can read more about unlocking phones in this article of the Computer World magazine.

All 3 One Sim Card SIMs work in a very similar manner.

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