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That said, our monitoring of the wider cyberthreat landscape shows that threat actors tend to change their habits, tactics and techniques over time.

This means that even in a niche area, such as pornographic content and websites, changes are possible.

When we considered why someone would hunt for credentials to pornographic websites, we checked the underground markets (both on the dark web and on open parts of the internet) and found that credentials to pornography website accounts are themselves quite a valuable commodity to be sold online. It would be going too far to say that the findings from our previous exploration of the relationships between cyberthreats and adult content were unexpected.

At the end of the day, pornography has always been, and remains one of the most sought after types of online content.

We examined malware disguised as pornographic content, and malware that hunts for credentials to access pornography websites.

More graphs and statistics in full PDF version 2018 was a year that saw campaigns to decrease online pornographic content and traffic.

For example, one of the most adult-content friendly platforms – Tumblr – announced it was banning erotic content (even though almost a quarter of its users consume adult content).

While some of these stories are now shown to be myths, others are very legitimate.

A year ago, we conducted research on the malware hidden in pornography and found out that such threats are both real and effective.

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