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akantha, thorn.] Fossil fish, having thorn-like fins. akantha, thorn ; metro,, medium.] Minute animals; balls of jelly upon a framework of spicules, belonging to Protozoa; found in Mediterranean Sea : intermediate between Polycistina and Sponges.

akantha, thorn; ophis, serpent.] A small venomous serpent with sharp pointed tail.

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Abdar process, for separating silver from any copper ore in which it occurs.

abatis, thrown down.] A breastwork of trees, or branches of trees. Rude spearheads, &c., found in the alluvium near Abbeville.

A bitter crystal- Abscissa, line principle found in wormwood. That force which will generate a unit of velocity when acting on a unit of mass during a unit of time.

The stoppage of heat or light rays, which varies inversely as the re- flecting power of the absorbing surface. Passage of a liquid or gas into or through a porous substance.

akantha, thorn; kephale, head.] Vermiform internal parasites having a spiny proboscis, but no mouth, resembling threadworms; also called helminthes and echinorhynchi. The portion of a given curve cut off by another line. The unit of time is usually 1 second, of velocity 1 foot (in Britain), and of weight 1 Ib. Aaron's Beard, (a'ronz berd)=Hypericum caly- cinum. The upper plata of a column, be- neath the archi- 1 trave.

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