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Typical features of the history, physical examination and focused laboratory and radiologic studies help physicians in diagnosing physical abuse in children.

These individuals are required to report because they have frequent contact with at-risk populations – infants and children, people who are elderly or dependent, individuals with mental illness or developmental disabilities, and residents of nursing homes and other health care facilities.Physical abuse of children in our society is a serious problem that has only recently been recognized by the medical community.The first published report in contemporary medical literature was in 1946,1 and the term “battered-child syndrome” was coined in 1962.2 Reports of child abuse are increasing as the medical profession gains experience in recognizing the signs and symptoms of physical abuse.In addition to providing the diagnosis and treatment, the physician plays a new role when providing care for victims of physical abuse.In these cases, the physician must also ensure the child's safety and assist in the collection of evidence for possible litigation.

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