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For example, painting the cabinets white may make for a modern redo.The cost of the paint will be about 0 for the cost of the paint.That was the day I discovered that most of my cookware needs to be replaced. I couldn’t stand it any longer waiting for the cabinets to be painted, so I started doing a little decorating. Truth be told, I don’t really want to use a rug under the table.

Oh, and since it will be a new counter-top might as well upgrade the sink. In and of itself this isn’t a huge list of items but if you’ve never done one of these before let me tell you, there’s a lot of coordinating to do. Under normal circumstances I would have had all the pieces delivered ahead of time and here waiting for my contractor. If there is one item which is key to keeping the whole train moving it’s the frickin sink. Without the sink you can’t have the counter guys come in and measure so every day there’s no sink I keep seeing an inevitable delay on the counter. The best part of the meal was the appetizer was awesome. Called week before show to make sure they didn't forget us. He has done this for me several times and it’s a great trick for finding inexpensive sconces. I think I’ll pick up a few pieces of the enameled cast iron because I love cooking with cast iron.While they were here, the electricians finished installing our countertop outlets and hooked up the induction cooktop. Here’s a great video explaining why my pans don’t work.

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