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Toms founder Blake Mycoskie and his wife, Heather, at home in Topanga, California, with their goldendoodles, Gypsy and Buddha.The residence was renovated and decorated by the design studio Hammer and Spear.“The house was already under demolition when we came in, so we had to design it in real time with the construction,” recalls Cunningham.She was also unable to continue her high school education and she dropped out from there too.She was so keen in acting so she joined some acting classes after she moved to Los Angles and then finally in 2001, she won her first acting role in Rachel’s Room.Hanging near their home’s entry is a framed handwritten mission statement that reads: “To live courageous lives, with grace and moderation,” followed by a list of core values, including “Put Family First,” “Be Present,” and “Give Generously.” As Blake explains, “When Summit came along, Heather and I wanted to set up some guideposts for making decisions.We hung them in a very prominent place so that we would remind ourselves every day of what’s important.” He adds, “I’ve started five companies, and each time, I asked the original team to undertake a similar exercise to establish the culture.”The Mycoskies’ personal story could not be more perfect if it were invented by the Toms marketing department. It’s a refrain that comes up often in conversation with the social-entrepreneurship guru and founder of the footwear company Toms, particularly in regard to the wonderfully idiosyncratic Los Angeles–area home he shares with his wife, Heather, and their infant son, Summit.

The vestibule is paved with reclaimed planks from the Coney Island boardwalk, where Heather’s grandparents met.

Maggie Grace was born in Worthington, Ohio, United States of America to Rick Denig and Valinn Everett.

As she was living the humble life after her parents got divorced she only got a basic diet and had to move frequently as her mother couldn't afford the permanent residence.

Around the same time, Heather dropped by Hammer and Spear, an L. home-furnishings emporium and multidisciplinary design studio, and discovered its aesthetic was simpatico with her own.

After chatting with the shop’s proprietors, designer Kristan Cunningham and her husband, Scott Jarrell, Heather hired the firm on the spot.

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