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Cronbach Alpha reliability scale was found as 0.84; and found as 0.77 for Environmental Affective Tendency; it was 0.62 for Intention to act; 0.66 for prevention of damage to the environment and it was 65 for personal responsibilities. Also, exploratory factor analysis was followed by the confirmatory factor analysis applied to the obtained structure. The scale prepared by the 5-point Likert format containing 23 items. Contribution of renewable energy sources to the sustainable development of ıslands: An overview of the literatüre and a research agenda.

Keywords: Cognition, linguo-philosophical conception, anthropocentric paradigm, the sphere of cognitology, linguistic units, associative field, paradigm, the concept “woman”, the concept “blue”, ethnos. Finally, stepwise regression results showed that social environment affects one’s environmental intent related to bioenergy use. It was also observed that there were different views between the male and female participants about the usage of wood and cutting trees down to produce energy. Secondly, we analyse conclusions on modern problems in linguistics that are drawn in cognitological studies conducted since the end of the 20th century. We also touch upon the course and practice of cognitive linguistics while considering the connection between cognition and language.

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And then, the scale was evaluated by the specialists in terms of relevance to Turkish content, measurement- evaluation. , Unpublished Doctoral Dissertation, The Graduate School of Social Sciences Middle East Technical University, Ankara. , Unpublished doctoral dissertation, Middle East Technical University, Ankara. C., Paraskeva-Hadjichambi, D., Ioannou, H., Georgiou, Y., & Manoli, C.

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