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Once we've gone through all the changes (and there's already hundreds! This will last for the remainder of the project and will effectively let you follow along with the game's progress as I'll be telling you what I'm currently working on, how testing is going, etc.

The journal will not be a daily thing, purely because that would take away too much time from the development.

During this time I will be explaining what we've done so far - what changes have been made, what new features are in, etc.Again, this potentially saves you lots of clicking and is more intuitive.A very small change that will have an enormous benefit is the new "flash message" system. Normally you'd get a pop-up confirmation window which would require you to pause and click OK to shut it.The end result is that while you're still going to recognise the game as being part of the TEW series, it's effectively a much sharper, quicker, more intuitive, better quality piece of work.This is going to be the biggest jump forward in terms of quality the series has ever seen (I can say that with confidence because it's already blowing TEW2016 out of the water and there's still at least a year of work to come! You've probably noticed that the journal will be running for a long time.

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This mode works in the same way as running a normal company, except that the player must deal with several extra challenges - primarily that the parent can send workers there for development, call workers up, fire workers, and has the final say on all matters which means that they can, for example, block certain actions that the child company wishes to take.

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