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As Khold enters her 20s, the age at which many Druze women marry, she finds herself coming face to face with the realities of her culture.The expectation to preserve her heritage and to do so with another Druze person weigh heavily on her.Within the Druze communities in the Middle East finding a Druze partner isn't difficult, but for those who were born in the North American diaspora, with a population of less than 80,000, it's a much bigger challenge.Some members of the Muslim, Hindu and Jewish faiths also marry within their religion.

In Canada, they number around 25,000, which makes the chances of finding the ideal life partner slim.

My parents weren't strict on it, but it's just what the society taught us." Those who do find spouses outside the Druze community are usually ostracised — both from their family and the community.

For Khold, the fear of losing the community and wider family she loves outweighed her father's openness to a marriage outside the faith.

In the hotel’s hospitality suite, catered Middle Eastern meals were served.

Children did arts and crafts, older women drank Lebanese-style tea, and birthdays were celebrated.

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Are you only marrying this person because he happens to be Druze?

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