Definition of accommodating

Depending on the percentage of 1 rep max, the bar may decelerate for different periods of time.

For example, a heavier weight will have a longer acceleration phase than a lighter load.

An elder must have a thorough, diligent, and stable character.

He must be concerned for others and must be accommodating.

One of the safest ways to teach this without having them perform a one-rep max is through the usage of chains, .

The chains allow for much more stability than bands (when set up properly), and teach the athlete to drive the bar upward without having to load the deep positions (typically weakest point) of the squat.

If your character is poor, even if you have spiritual experiences, there will be no way for them to be applied.

Dear brothers and sisters, this is not a great doctrine.

This matter is bound up with the salvation of millions of souls; it is also bound up with the building up of millions of souls.

Brothers, the elders among us are not professionals; they serve altogether out of love.

We function as elders because we love the Lord, the church, and every member of His Body.

If you have these five elements in your character, you will definitely manage a church well.

I am not denying the importance of being spiritual, of which I have already spoken much.

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However, I have full assurance, and I can lay down my life to guarantee that if an elder is not a thorough, diligent, stable person, and is not concerned for others, neither accommodating others all the time, he will never function well as an elder.

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