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This fascinating history is reflected in its entire appearance, which combines many different styles, from the eclecticism, which keeps traces of the Italian and Swedish-German renaissance, to Finnish national romanticism and the Soviet Stalinist empire.

Modern Vyborg is a town in all respects close to Europe.

The unique architectural appearance of the historical part of Vyborg, which has been formed over more than seven centuries under the influence of several national cultures, is represented by architectural monuments of different epochs, from the ancient buildings of the Middle Ages to the buildings of the late 20th, early 21st centuries.

The old town hall, rebuilt in 1898 in the Hanseatic style, looks like a ready-made decoration for a historical film - but in fact it is a simple apartment house (overlooking a medieval castle and the monument of Torgils Knutsson).

Swallows] (about 350 rubles one way), which take only an 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Tickets can be bought at the ticket offices, or in numerous self-service machines (which, by the way, have a menu in English), and in order to avoid a queue on the way back, you can also buy a return ticket immediately (which will work for three days from the date of purchase).

First and foremost among them is the ravishing, fairy-tale picturesque Vyborg a small outpost by the Finnish border, which has the atmosphere of a harmoniously embodied combination of the European and Russian spirit. Located just over 100 kilometers from the historic center of St.

Petersburg, this town - Finnish Viipuri, Swedish Viborg, German Wiburg - has a history more ancient than ours.

The easiest and quickest way to get to Vyborg is to go to Finlyandskii Vokzal (Finland Railway Station, Ploshchad Lenina metro station) and buy a ticket for the suburban train ("electrichka" in russian).The historical part of the park - the manor and park ensemble of the late 18th and early 19th centuries, which includes monuments of wooden architecture of classicism - the main manor house and the Library outbuilding - organically transforms into a forest park complex, which combines rare beauty with rocky landscapes.The unique island-necropolis and the water source known since ancient times, the majestic "curly" rocks and ancient avenues on the picturesque coast - Monrepo is like a magical forest, and it's easy to get lost - but doesn’t it make the trip even more exciting?A great example of this magic combination is the revenue house "Domus", once one of the most beautiful buildings in Vyborg, and now falling apart, with an aqua green building net strewn across it, attracting the attention of tourists and an object of amateur photography, author's performances and street art.Or the famous Clock Tower - the dominant feature of the Old City, the lower level of which was built in 1494.

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The library makes an incredible impression, the combination of wood and natural lighting fascinates - and fortunately, even as a tourist, you can see all this magnificence, as the library conducts regular excursions.

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