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However, there were several signs suggesting that Smoke had become disloyal to the gang. During this time, Smoke grows close to CJ, although the latter is suspicious of some of his actions. During CJ's exile from Los Santos, Smoke formed an alliance with the Loco Syndicate (San Andreas' largest drug cartel) and became OG Loc's manager. At the height of his power, Smoke lives in a large, heavily fortified crack den, referred to as a "crack fortress", located deep within Ballas territory.He moved out of Grove Street to live in a new house in Idlewood (Ballas territory) and rumours suggested that he had purchased the house with drug money. CJ eventually discovers (through Cesar Vialpando) that Smoke has double crossed the gang after witnessing a meeting between him, Ryder, C. He hides his criminal activities through his alliance with C. He lives in luxury and has the full protection of the Ballas and Vagos, who have unrivaled control over the streets.In the aftermath of these events, Tenpenny and Pulaski continue to use CJ to kill or discredit people who threaten to expose the true nature of C. Tenpenny then leads CJ and Sweet on a chase through the city which ultimately ends with Tenpenny crashing his vehicle in front of the Johnson House. Realizing no one is coming, he curses everyone, including the police force.He then dies from his injuries (making him the first antagonist in the series not to be killed directly by the protagonist).

Upon his release from prison, Sweet is set on returning hood, refusing to join CJ in his new life away from the crippled Grove Street Families.

CJ races after them with his convertible car under the ladder to keep Sweet from falling to his death; after a hazardous trip through the hills and valleys of Los Santos, the swinging ladder finally hangs over the car and Sweet drops safely into the passenger side.

After a long chase, Tenpenny loses control, crashes, and dies.

" In earlier previews of San Andreas, Smoke was seen wearing a white basketball jersey with no hat; his design was changed in the final version.

However, a statue of Smoke in his "crack palace" has him wearing the outfit he sported in the previews.

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CJ and the rest of his crew examine the body, and CJ moves in with his pistol to "make sure it's over". As the others walk away from Tenpenny, CJ approaches him slowly, taps his dead body with his foot, and says sarcastically, "See you around... According to the in-game talk radio station WCTR, Tenpenny's body is later found brutally mutilated and stripped by the homeless.

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