Dating coworkers good idea

Now another cute girl has been hired and I think she is flirting with me. the girl who scratched your back was acting inappropriately. From my experience the plus to dating a coworker is that you can see him/her every day and it feels very exciting and special at first (if you fall in love), but the downside is that it is very likely to drive you crazy.

She smiled at me all day and on her way out she said goodbye and scratched my back. Is it generally wrong to date coworkers, or do some girls feel differently? if you went up to a *girl* at work and scratched her back, she'd probably report you for harrassment. I know that it is no longer as easy to concentrate on work, and especially now that the others know (including the boss) it has gotten extremely difficult to ever talk to him on just a friendly basis without raising eyebrows. I'd only do it if that person worked in another department, on another floor.

It is very hard on me to see him interacting with others in his usual friendly way and then have to avoid me to avoid being reprimanded. My personal favorite is: Never stick your pen in the company ink...

I always take it personally, even though I know I shouldn't. That sort of thing usually ends badly, and sometimes with more than hurt feelings, try unemployment if it really gets out of hand. yes i would say its not a good idea to "dip your pen in the company ink".

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However, there are more similarities than the on-the-surface ones I listed above.

You could very well have the same perspective on life and share comparable childhoods.

That’s when things get complicated and you begin to think about switching jobs. There’s absolutely no reason to get hung up over it just because she works across from you.

She’ll like the fact you weren’t timid about it and that you spoke your mind.

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Remember the wise words of Wayne Gretzky: you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

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