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A 2015 Pew study found that 70 percent of smartphone users surveyed thought their phone offered them freedom, while 30 percent thought it felt like a “leash.” And in a paper published last year, also in Computers in Human Behavior, Trub found that people tend to see their phones as both a refuge—they felt safer with it and distressed without it—and as a burden—an obligation to communication that they carried with them wherever they went.

Respondents scoring highly on anxious attachment measures were more likely to endorse statements like “I feel naked without my phone” or “I need my phone with me at all times,” meaning the phone was something of a security blanket keeping you close to the reassurances of the social world.

In short, people learn how to love from their primary caregivers, most often their mother, and those patterns then transfer into their romantic relationships in adulthood.

If their mom was dismissive of their emotions as a child, they’re liable to become disconnected from their own (and their possible partner’s) feelings in adulthood, in what’s called avoidant attachment.

” most people answer, “Oh, my mother was in the hospital, and he came and sang show tunes with her to keep her happy,” or “My dog had diarrhea into his expensive gym bag, and he was totally cool about it.” For me, I knew I was going to date my boyfriend when he sent me a photo of a magazine with Shailene Woodley’s face on it that had been left in his apartment lobby with the caption “your enemy.”I have no idea what gives people like me the right to arbitrarily decide not to like a celebrity without any concrete reasons or evidence of the claims we set against them, but I had decided that I didn’t like Shailene Woodley; my dislike mostly stemmed from an interview she did about how oil pulling and tanning her vagina could fix everything, a sentiment I found both irksome and classist.

Not all of us have time to just tan our vaginas, Shailene! God only knows what would say in a similar interview and how many random people would hate me for it—my bet is I would share my thoughts on sourdough bread and alienate a nation—but the heart dislikes what it dislikes.

If they needed to act up or stay close to mom to get the care they needed, they’re likely to bring anxious attachment into their grown-up relationships, meaning they’ll be what’s tactfully called “proximity seeking” in the literature and better known as clingy with potential partners.

“They need to feel free of it.” The attachment is happening with the device, as well as the people behind them. In her practice, Hertlein will see couples who have problems when one texts the other with an urgent message, saying they want to talk, and their partner doesn’t reply right away.

He revealed himself to be a master of the maintenance text.

I have spent every day since trying to match his skill. ” But a photo of your boss wearing the same tie for the third day in a row because you have an inside joke about it is a very good maintenance text.

Maintenance texts are the glue that holds modern relationships together. So is a link to an article about Timothée Chalamet making out with a mysterious blonde woman with a “Looks like he’s taken; you’re stuck with me.” (Note: While technically a maintenance text, a generic “good morning [heart eye emoji]” text is vomit-inducing and cheesy and is best left to teenagers.)The maintenance text harks back to a time when the only things you knew about each other were that you both knew Randi from college, who set you up, and that you were both probably going to sleep together.

I don’t want to get all “how to date in the world of the Internet,” but we are all online and therefore on-phone almost constantly. In nascent relationships, inside jokes are all you have, so you lean on them like Johnny Depp leans on makeup to make his roles seem interesting.

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