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But Jeremy came up with what he believes is a reasonable list of requirements. They need to be spiritually, emotionally, and physically ready to care for someone else more than themselves.

As they begin to develop the desire to have a relationship with someone we gently remind them what is required of someone who wants to get married.

This morning a friend asked me what I would do if my sixteen-year-old daughter asked to have a boyfriend? Since I have one adult daughter who is married, and several adult children and teenagers, this is something I get asked a lot.

Honestly, my husband and I are very blessed that God gave us a clear idea even before we had our own children about how we would teach our children about marriage, relationships, and sex. Jeremy’s family encouraged their children to make friends and met girls and find a meaningful relationship, date and have fun finding a mate.

Our Above Reproach Rules are: As we lay the foundation of these ideas early, and we create an open honest dialogue with our children, we build in them a desire to obey and trust us.

They choose to share their feelings and experiences with us.

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