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The Japanese have been perfecting the art of sword making since the 1st century A.

D., and traditional sword makers in Japan are legendary.

The curvature of the samurai sword as developed after the 10th century allowed for the cutting of an opponent while in motion. This curved long sword only has one blade, and was used by samurai during the 15th century and beyond.

Other long Japanese swords include tsurugi and ken, which are double-edged and straight.

For this pre-assessment, you only need to check the metal of the blade.

The specimen is enclosed in a handsome, glass-topped riker box case measuring 4 1/2" x 3 1/2". Please note, this add on is very sharp and should be handled with the utmost care.

The process involves checking the authenticity of the sword, followed by identifying its type, age and quality.

Counterfeiting has long plagued the Japanese sword collecting industry.

The Samurai Sword slice comes from the same Ko-tō period katana used in the Third Edition of the Mini Museum. It is a single-forged blade attributed to the Yamato Senjuin School.

The blade was selected with the generous support of Pablo Kuntz.

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