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I made my excuses and took off the the gents restroom, very anxious of the what the next picture would show.I was disappointed to see only a text without any picture this time.

I was left on the edge for an hour and a half before my mobile vibrated again.With my personalized consulting services, I'm able to get to know you one-on-one and write a Personalized Cuckold/Hotwife Plan™—a "manual"— just for you and work with you to ensure adequate guidance, support, and a successful result. For those of you who want to know more about who I am and how/why I can help, I've written an extensive "autobiography" of sorts on my about me page.Trying to repress your fantasy or satisfy in other ways like porn and forums can be harmful to your relationship. You can think of me as a virtual extension of your “relationship support system.” My cuckold consulting approach is built around your needs, your relationship style, and your wife's personality. He even asked if everything was okay, I made up an excuse about a sick relative, but the reality was very different.The picture showed my wife with the red dress dropped down to her waist, no bra, my friends head was covering one of her tits, obviously sucking on it and his other hand groping the other.

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We were too excited to change our minds after the outcome of the last two occasions.

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