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This comes from a person who left a Cuban (not the one who was used and dumpted !

) 6) never put yourself in a vulnearble position (don't sponsor them : you will be financially liable for them after they have dumped you and you will be paying for them, their girlfriends and multiple offsprings.... About 5 years ago I went to Cuba for the first time so I can't remember all our conversation like I wish I could but anyway...

Fortunately, he has a privilege life on the island without facing major financial difficulties like other Cubans. I've stayed at his beautiful home when I'm on the island and have met his lovely family.

We connect really well in my levels and the relationship is extremely special.

We're also fortunately enough to be able to communicate by phone and email more regularly than most couples could. Here are some of my concerns and I hope your experiences can help me understand what I'm getting myself into.1. Hence, for a normal relationship to develop in a year, it might take us several years. And even with smooth sailing and in the best case scenario, it might takes 5-7 years until we can comfortably have kids. The worst scenario is that after 5-7 years, we struggle and struggle and realize that no matter how hard we try, too many things couldn't fit together and love alone is not enough.9.

How can I get to know him more if I would not move to the island nor spend more than 1-2 weeks at the time? I would not marry him if I don't get to know him well by spending lots of quality time together. Also, being in our late 30s and never been married, wanting to have kids, time is also an issue.5. When an established man has to start from scratch to build a new life, leaving his sunny island behind to struggle with the basic in the cold Canadian winters? Understanding all this, I still want to take the harder route. Some days I feel that I don't care what's going to happen, I'll give this beautiful relationship a try anyway. If I fall in love so deep and couldn't get out anymore..

I've learned lots about the circumstances anyone would face dating/falling for a Cuban. Been reading quite a bit of posts regarding con men and scamming relationships here, so I'm well aware of the situation.

A white man(a tourist- the reason I say white man is to show that he wasn't a resort worker)saw our romance and asked us if we wanted to use his room to be intimate since I had a friend of mine staying in my room and my Cuban crush didn't jump and say YES.. not just the kissing but the way we were together... We exchanged emails and we talked 2 a month over email.Obviously I was looking to have fun and well besides that honestly he was drop dead gorgeous, in that moment I thought he was the most attractive guy I'd ever seen in person... We could barely understand each other but we spent the whole week together and our time was beyond amazing.Every time I saw him my heart would literally beat out of my chest. We were able to communicate some how even though we didn't speak each others language. When I tried to give him things I brought such as soap and toothbrushes & penchils he said he didn't want Elsueno (Canada) Is there a way to make things easier?Thank you to so many honest stories on this website.

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