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One guy I dated has a wide and really long penis, and that made giving one pretty awful.With a small penis, you can put the entire thing in your mouth, and they finish in like five minutes." -- "The biggest dick I’ve still ever encountered to this day is when I was 18 years old...Because one of them is (and no, it’s not the one by “Elizabeth,” c’mon). Developing new skills makes you more interesting, and cooking is definitely one of the skills that will help you stand out to women in the dating world. As Anna Fox told me, “Men in the kitchen is super sexy…It’s hard not to fall in love with the man watching him cook! Plus, there is just something sensual about cooking, even if it is simply creating a drink or a cup of coffee.I don’t even think I really knew what a big dick was in the grand scheme of things -- this was only the second one I had ever encountered. But I knew when I first saw it I was taken aback big time...15 years later, it’s still the biggest one I’ve ever seen.Even research is backing up the fact that women find men sexy when they are working in the kitchen. I didn’t cook much, beyond some Kraft Dinner, and I didn’t have a taste for spices.

It was like losing my virginity again and again every time we had sex. We dated into college, and I’ll admit, once we got a little more practice, the girth of his penis definitely made things get better. I refused to even have sex with him, it was too wide. We went our separate ways, and later I found out he decided to actually get surgery to make it smaller.” -- “I met this guy out one night and we really hit it off. he came over later that night, and when he was fingering me, he was like: ‘Wow, you’re so tight. I may rip you in two.’ I sorta rolled my eyes at him, like OK dude.

We basically stumbled into his place, not even bothering to turn a light on anywhere.

I get a glimpse of his cock in the light of a lamppost outside and it's huge... My drunk self decides I can take this and I'm so drunk and so horny that we get to it and he goes in dry.

Too many women also watched their father get kicked out of the kitchen because he didn’t know what he was doing and would burn something the first chance he got.

For most women nowadays, it is offensive to think that her man is going to be demanding her to make supper every single night, and never have supper made FOR her. So, when she can see that you can cook, and that you enjoy doing it, she knows her future with you is not a future where she has to start cooking at 4pm or else her husband is going to be upset and annoying. And, men who can cook have the ability to create a romantic dinner with a romantic atmosphere at home.

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