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Remember that consolidation typically only applies to the audio tracks, and not to any send or group channels.So depending on what DAW you're using, and what stage the project has reached, bouncing each track down or consolidating might, or might not, be the right way to go.This approach is suitable in the same scenarios as bouncing or consolidating, and the pros and cons are largely the same, although not all DAWs will be able to read the time‑stamp (most can, but check the target DAW's manual to be sure).

However, if the same instruments and patches are available in the second DAW, you'll be able to use the MIDI files to get those instruments to play the same things back — although you won't have any effects or level automation on the virtual instrument output channels.Another audio‑only option is to export time‑stamped broadcast wave files (BWAV or BWF), which are 'time‑stamped'.Many sequencers are able to automatically line them up at the correct point on their timeline, such that the basic edits and arrangement changes remain intact.Even with different versions of the same DAW 'family', you may find that an 'LE' or 'lite' version can't open a project created in the 'full‑fat' product, simply because the full version includes functionality that's missing or disabled in others.Newer versions of a DAW may include additional functionality, and different plug‑ins from previous versions, as plug‑ins have been updated, or licensing deals with third‑party suppliers of older plug‑ins expire.

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