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Season 1 to Season 3: - Chris "Drama" Pfaff - Scott "Big Cat" Pfaff - Rob Dyrdek - Jeremy Larson - Big Black(Few Episodes) - Geoff Taylor - Chanel West Coast - Tracy Tubera Season 4 to Season 5: - Rob Dyrdek - Chris "Drama" Pfaff - Scott "Big Cat" Pfaff - Big Black - Tracy Tubera - Geoff Taylor - Chanel West Coast - Sterling "Steelo" Brim no, not really.Geff and his girlfriend taped the fake ones, the only embaressing clips of chris was when he was in the shower singing, eating his sandwitch, and when he came out of the tariler with his private showing by accident.Drama maintained a blog where he posts random funny videos, music that he likes and pictures of celebrities and professional athletes wearing his clothing.""I don’t really have any strange rituals.I am really OCD and a perfectionist as well, but as far as rituals, I can’t say I really have any of those.Christopher "Drama" Pfaff net worth is estimated at million.

He is currently taken, and she is briefly in the video. To see the video, go to his Myspace and click on Ask Drama Pt. ....a sad day for all ladies hoping to be his lady friend.

Robert Stanley Dyrdek is a cousin to Christopher Drama Pfaff and Scott Big Cat Pfaff.

Dyrdek is a professional skateboarder but he does enjoy spending quality time with his two bulldogs named Meaty and Beefy.

Once the will has been filed with the court it becomes a public record and anyone can obtain a copy from the court.

If the document is recorded in the land records, anyone can obtain a…

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  1. However, this cannot be entirely acceptable, considering the growing number of interracial marriages between white women and black men in the US and across the Atlantic.