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Get Item Check State(i) ' Toggle the item state.

When a checkbox becomes UNCHECKED, the layer dissappears, when I CHECK it, it REAPPEARS.

IO Namespace Windows Application1 Public Class Form1 Inherits System.

Form Private With Events checked List Box1 As System.

This is completely freaking me out, because what ACTUALLY happens is that the Layer(selectedindex) VISIBILITY is OPPOSITE of what I expect... When I uncheck a checkbox, the map layer dissappears, BUT that's NOT what the code reads.... The code is ''' working '''' but I'd really like to know WHY... Nolan This post has been edited by Nolan: 02 October 2007 - PM From looking at your code it looks like it does what you're describing.

Click ' If items remain in the list, remove the first item. It appears that the listbox simply calls the To String() function when you add an item and uses that as it's display.For my item, the To String() simply returns a private string called 'name'; Now if I change that name variable, the list box continues to show the previous name.But it's kind of bad practice; you want to try to separate your implementation from your presentation. I had posted code earlier regarding how to create a check box array (like in older VB). Selected Index(0) = unchecked Else 'must already be unchecked, so check it Checked List Box1. Once I have access to SELECTEDINDEX, I'm off to the races. Dim chkstate As Check State chkstate = Checked List Box1. Get Item Check State(selected Index) Msg Box(chkstate) 'returns 0 if box WAS checked and BECOMES unchecked...

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When you use data-bound controls, you sometimes have to respond to changes in the data source when the data source does not raise list-changed events. Private label1 As Label Private label2 As Label Private text Box1 As Text Box Private text Box2 As Text Box Private With Events button1 As Button Private binding Source1 As Binding Source Private states As Array List Public Sub New() ' Basic form setup.

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