Candidate keys are a fundamental concept in the relational data model.

It's common practice, if multiple keys are present in one table, to designate one of the candidate keys as the primary key.

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Internet–related compounds are still so new that their preferred styling remains in flux, with the same compound styled different ways in different publications.

Over time, they will likely become more consistent, but what should writers do now?

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Compound nouns are usually written as one word, compound verbs are generally written as two, and compound adjectives are very often written with a hyphen.31/post-1/ - ذخیره شده نمایش نتایج بیشتر از farsi1tv.17.مشخصات فرکانس جدید کانال فارسی ۱ – Farsi 1 27 آگوست 2010 ...Boyce, Codd, Date et al refer to these in the Relational Model as Candidate Keys.When we then build tables for these Entities their Candidate Keys become Natural Keys in those tables.

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