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Rev Gilroy is moving to become the vicar of St Luke’s Church in Liverpool. The event lasts from 11am to 11pm and features stalls, vintage fire engines and a fun fair.Everyone is welcome to attend and admission is £3 for adults and £2 for children. Notts Police are offering people the opportunity to swap old bikes locks for new ones, free of charge, in an attempt to reduce the number of bike thefts in the county.Having had my bike stolen a couple of years ago I’m all in favour of this.Broxtowe residents will be able to swap locks at Eastwood Market on 7 After years of everyone hearing about cuts, cuts and more cuts I’m delighted to report that Broxtowe Borough Council are in fact taking on staff.

My own view is that services will probably begin running this time next year, i.e. The consequence of this is that the consortium constructing the tram will face quite significant penalty payments. They will be collected by the City Council but I hope that at least some will be used to compensate the residents along the route who have had to put up with so much hassle over the past couple of years.

Prior to the court date she had shown me around the court and went through what to perhaps expect. When giving my evidence I was behind a curtain so I could not see his smug face or his family / friends, which made me feel relieved as this was what I was most scared of as I found him very intimidating.

I was also granted a secure entrance, so he would not see me entering the court. I was made to feel insignificant, but I got to share my story and tell the truth.

During questioning, she sat behind me so I did not feel alone.

I had a woman from Women’s Aid attend court with me.

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97% of local residents who responded (and we have had far more responses to this than any other survey that we have ever run) said that they did not want to be part of an expanded city council area, and I am disappointed that Labour are now reopening the debate.

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