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I met lovely men—many of whom remain my friends—but by my mid-thirties, I still hadn’t met anyone with whom I felt that same degree of connection and passion I had known with my first love.

I was searching for a committed relationship with a supportive partner, someone I could love deeply and who shared my values and goals.

But it’s clear investors are having a gratifying relationship with Match.It has changed its motto, however, from “Life is short. startups with “romantic” in their business descriptions.Have an affair,” to “Find Your Moment.” With the spirit of Valentine’s Day in the air, it occurs that I should restate the obvious: Startup funding databases do not contain much about romantic love. Just five used the word “romance” (of which one is a cold brew tea company). Our cultural conceptions of romance are decidedly low-tech.Were it not for the internet, they would probably never have met. Yet thanks to Joe Schwartz, an author of a 20-year-old dating advice book, “gratifying relationship” is still the term that sticks in my mind when contemplating the end-goal of internet dating tools.Gratifying is a vague term, yet also uniquely accurate.

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Some 17 years ago, when internet dating was popular but still kind of embarrassing to talk about, I interviewed an author who was particularly bullish on the practice.

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