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Gilfoyle often plays mocking pranks on Dinesh, but the two do appear to be friends or at most, frenemies despite this, with the two often bonding over their shared moral ambiguity.While he is usually indifferent to Richard and lacks loyalty toward him, Gilfoyle highly respects Richard as a coder and admits that Pied Piper is nothing without Richard.He begins to start his own VC firm with Big Head but then declares bankruptcy.After selling his Pied Piper shares to cover his debts, he gets rehired into the company as a PR representative.After another failed deal with Kenan Feldspar and quitting his job at Bream-Hall, Erlich then decides that he and Richard will never be successful and moves away to Tibet to join Gavin Belson at a monastery at the end of season 4.In season 5, Erlich isn't present and Jian-Yang tries to prove he's dead in order to take Erlich's house and stake in Pied Piper. However, Big Head is proved to be Erlich's next of kin and ends up getting the house and the Pied Piper share.Big Head will continue to own Erlich's assets until Erlich returns.Nelson "Big Head" Bighetti, portrayed by Josh Brener, is a former tenant of Erlich's incubator and Richard's best friend who also works at Hooli.

After work on Pied Piper commences, Big Head is offered a huge raise and promotion by Gavin Belson to help Hooli develop its copycat software, Nucleus, out of spite and because Richard was forced to limit his staff.Gilfoyle credits himself as an online security expert, and as such is responsible for system administration and server configuration at Pied Piper.Gilfoyle has a girlfriend Tara (Milana Vayntrub) who is also a La Veyan Satanist, with the two having an open and long-standing relationship, though Tara still lies to Gilfoyle about sleeping with other men.The company initially starts out as a simple data compression platform, but when this, and a videochat that Dinesh created with the algorithm fails, Richard pivots toward creating a new, decentralized internet, called Piper Net.For the most part, Richard is shy and weak-willed, and does not have much of a temper, but when he finally reaches his limit, is prone to intimidating explosions of anger.

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