Attention dating deficit disorder

ADD is characterized by a pattern of inattentive behavior, often combined with impulsivity and in some, hyperactivity.

In adults, this pattern of behavior makes it difficult to focus on details, sustain attention, listen to others, and follow through on instructions or duties.

ADHD may be accompanied by additional diagnoses or disorders, including anxiety, OCD, or speech or hearing problems. Driven to Distraction (Revised): Recognizing and Coping with Attention Deficit Disorder.

They may have been wrongly diagnosed with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder or a learning disability.Psychotherapy alone can also be an effective treatment, but many adults feel more comfortable simply taking a daily medication. Retrieved from on March 5, 2019. You should explore all your treatment options, however, before you make a final decision. Remember, for most people with this diagnosis, this can be a life-long condition — one that needs attention, coping skills, and treatment in order to live your happiest and best life. Getting help for this condition isn’t always easy, as a person may not want to acknowledge that there’s something wrong with their ability to concentrate and focus.

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