Are the duggar girls dating

It looks like lots of people are curious about potential marriage between a Duggar and a Bates.

The older Duggar girls addressed this question in a recent episode where they said they get this question a lot, but that there aren't any boy-girl relationships at this time.

Mason is still the baby of the Josh and Anna Duggar family, but not for long!

Jim Bob Duggar has reportedly had his sights set on the news correspondent and devout Christian for his eldest daughter Jana.

Typically, the Duggars get married in their early twenties.

Because she still hasn’t gotten married yet, fans have been speculating about a potential courtship.

Keep in mind, most of the kids are not of courting age, so who knows what might happen in the future?

The Duggars feel it is what God wants them to do to not have a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship (dating) but rather court.

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While courtship follows the same general footprint, they also acknowledge that every relationship is different and they want each couple to openly discuss the limits they will put in place during courtship as they spend time together and evaluate their fitness for marriage. Joshua James Duggar Jana Marie Duggar John-David Duggar Jill Michelle Dillard (formerly Duggar) Jessa Lauren Seewald (formerly Duggar) Jinger Nicole Duggar Joseph Garrett Duggar Josiah Matthew Duggar Joy-Anna Duggar Jedidiah Robert Duggar Jeremiah Robert Duggar Jason Michael Duggar James Andrew Duggar Justin Samuel Duggar Jackson Levi Duggar Johannah Faith Duggar Jennifer Danielle Duggar Jordyn-Grace Makiya Duggar Josie Brooklyn Duggar When Joshua "Josh" Duggar was 14-years-old he was accused of molesting five young girls.

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