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Low income men are 10 to 20 times more likely to have no heterosexual sex experience.Women with lower income are more likely to have had intercourse.The aging of Japan is thought to outweigh all other nations, with Japan being purported to have the highest proportion of elderly citizens.Japan is experiencing a "super-aging" society both in rural and urban areas.Moreover, peace and prosperity following World War II was integral to the massive economic growth of post-war Japan, leading to longer lifespans.Proportion of health care spending has dramatically increased as Japan's older population spends time in hospitals and visits physicians.In the 1980s 60% to 70% of young people in their 20s were in a relationship.In 2017 young people (20s) in a relationship are a minority.

Life expectancy at birth has increased rapidly from the end of World War II, when the average was 54 years for women and 50 for men, as a result of improvements in medicine and nutrition, and the percentage of the population aged 65 years and older has increased steadily from the 1950s.Women answered the cause of fatigue in the poll as: 1. Meanwhile men are not interested in marriage, but 80% want a girlfriend.Men are reluctant to marry, because it would add complications, baggage to their lives and reduce their disposable income.In the same period, the number of children (aged 14 and younger) decreased from 24.3% of the population in 1975 to 12.8% in 2014.has taken place in a shorter span of time than in any other country.

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These men are not interested in getting married or having a girlfriend.

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